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My name is Josh Vogel. I’m a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black belt under the Migliarese brothers at Balance studios in Center city Philadelphia. My goal with this is to help improve my subscribers, and my own understanding of Brazilian Jiujitsu through analysis. I want to help people of all levels of experience and keep an open dialogue with everyone so that the newsletter can evolve as I get to know my readers better. I figure that $5 a month is a fair price and I will also use this page to release free information as well from time to time. Thanks for your support everyone!



  • 3rd Place, Brown belt Featherweight division,
    IBJJF Nogi Pan ams 10-01-2011
  • 3rd Place, Brown belt Featherweight division.
    Grapplers Quest US nationals 6-18-2011
  • 2nd Place, Brown belt Masters Featherweight division,
    IBJJF Nogi Pan ams, NYC 10-02-010
  • 2nd Place, Purple belt lightweight division,
    IBJJF New York Open , NYC 4-18-09
  • 3rd Place, Purple belt welterweight division,
    Grapplers Quest Del mar California 3-22-09
  • 3rd Place, Advanced Featherweight division,
    Grapplers Quest Del Mar California 3-21-09
  • 2nd Place, Advanced Featherweight division,
    Grapplers Quest Beast of the East 3-07-09
  • 1st Place, Purple belt featherweight division.
    Grapplers Quest Southeast Championships 11-08-08
  • 3rd Place, Featherweight Advanced division
    Grapplers Quest Southeast Championships.11-08-08
  • 1st Place, Featherweight Advanced divison,
    Grapplers Quest 10-18-08
  • Superfight winner vs. Henry Matamoros
    King Grappler event in Wisconsin. Sept. 20th 2008
  • 1st Place, Lightweight Purple belt division.
    Grapplers Quest Copa Atlantica 9-29-08 2008
  • 2nd Place, New Jersey Grappling Championships.
    Lightweight Advanced division 2-09-08
  • 1st Place, Blue Belt Featherweight division,
    US Grappling Mid Atlantic Championships
  • 1st Place, Advanced No gi Featherweight,
    US Grappling Mid Atlantic Championships
  • 2nd Place, Grapplers Quest Copa Atlantica
    November 11th 2007, Blue Belt Featherweight
  • 3rd Place, Grapplers Quest Advanced No gi Featherweight,
    November 11th 2007
  • 1st Place Hassetts JJ Balance in House tournament
    Blue belt 2007
  • 1st Place, NYC Grappling Championships,
    Lighweight advanced No gi. June 10th 2007
  • 2nd Place, New Jersey Grappling Championships,
    Lightweight Advanced Division. June 2nd 2007
  • 3rd Place, US Grappling, East Coast Grappling Championships.
    Lightweight advanced No gi.  April 28th 2007
  • 1st Place. Grapplers Quest Copa Atlantica,
    Lightweight Blue belt division. October 16th 2006
  • 1st Place, Diamond state games,
    Intermediate lightweight no gi.July 18th 2006
  • 3rd Place, Grapplers Quest Us Nationals,
    Beginner Lightweight division.May 21st 2006